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Every title on Literal comes with a complementary audiobook, offering a multisensory reading experience that caters to diverse learning styles and preferences.

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Accessibility & Engagement

With hundreds of thousands of audiobooks at your fingertips, Literal ensures every student has the opportunity to engage with literature in a format that resonates with them.

Unique Voices for Characters

Our advanced AI assigns a distinct voice to each character, which can be customized by students, adding depth to character analysis and comprehension activities.

Control at Your Fingertips

Teachers have the autonomy to toggle the audiobook feature on and off, ensuring the reading experience aligns with classroom objectives.

Adaptable Audio Speeds

Catering to diverse learners, the audio speed can be adjusted, making it an invaluable tool for language acquisition and comprehension.

Educators & Students on

Literal's Audiobooks

"The audiobook feature has transformed my classroom. Students are more engaged, and the unique voices for characters have sparked some of the best discussions we've had!"

Pedro V.

High School English Teacher

Benefits of Literal's Audiobooks

Seamless Transition

Switch effortlessly between text and audio formats, ensuring you can immerse in a book regardless of your environment.

Highlight & Listen

As the audiobook plays, the corresponding text is highlighted, facilitating note-taking and in-depth analysis.

Customizable Character Voices

Engage in activities where students personalize character voices, reflecting their interpretation and understanding of the narrative.

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