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Independent Authors

Literal takes pride in its collaboration with independent authors, bringing a fresh and diverse range of voices to our digital collection. These authors, with their unique perspectives and untold stories, offer students a chance to explore literature beyond the mainstream, enriching their reading experience.

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Independent Literature helps
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Dive into a world of untold stories, fresh perspectives, and innovative narratives. With Literal's commitment to independent authors, students are guaranteed a diverse and enriching literary journey.

Independent Voices

Independent authors often delve into niche subjects, unexplored territories, and innovative narratives. Their works can introduce students to a myriad of themes and cultures, fostering a broader understanding of the world around them.

Diverse Narratives

By featuring independent authors, Literal ensures that students are exposed to a variety of perspectives, promoting inclusivity, empathy, and a deeper appreciation for the art of storytelling.

What Educators Are Saying

"I have student who won't read the popular stuff.  They want to find unknown gems, and Literal makes it easy to discover those books"

Ben Harris

‍Social Studies & ELA

Independent Authors have

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Frequently Asked Questions about Independent Authors in Literal

How does Literal ensure the quality of works by independent authors?

Literal has a rigorous selection process, ensuring that works by independent authors meet our high standards of quality, relevance, and educational value.

Can students interact with these authors?

Yes! Literal often hosts virtual sessions and Q&A events with independent authors, giving students a unique opportunity to engage with the minds behind the stories.

People in my district are afraid of diversity & new things.

Don't worry. Literal works great no matter the political environment your in. Check out our robust Content Weeding and Lockdown features. We give you full control over the library in your classroom.