Seamless Curriculum Alignment with Literal

Dive into a world where your chosen curriculum and Literal's vast library coexist in perfect harmony. With our curriculum-agnostic approach, integrating Literal into your lesson plans is effortless and intuitive.

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Whether you're using a district-approved curriculum or a custom one, Literal seamlessly integrates, ensuring you have the right resources at your fingertips.

Robust Search Functionality

Quickly locate books, passages, authors, and state standards discussed in your curriculum. Our advanced search ensures you find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Curriculum-Centric Assignments

With Literal's assignment feature, align questions, assignments, and comprehension goals directly to your current lesson plan, ensuring consistency and relevance.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Curriculum Alignment

Can I align multiple curriculums with Literal?

Absolutely! Literal's flexible design allows you to align multiple curriculums, ensuring versatility and adaptability for diverse teaching needs.

How does Literal ensure the resources match my curriculum?

Our advanced search and AI-powered recommendations ensure that the resources you find are in sync with your curriculum's objectives and standards.

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Enhance Your Teaching with Curriculum-Aligned Resources

Literal's curriculum alignment ensures you have the right tools to deliver impactful lessons, tailored to your curriculum's goals.

A Glimpse into Curriculum Alignment

Explore the seamless integration of Literal with various curriculums, showcasing the ease and efficiency of our platform.