Content Weeding with Literal

Ensuring content appropriateness is paramount. With Literal's content weeding features, educators and districts can tailor the library to align with their specific standards and community values.

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Tailored Content Acquisition

Our team meticulously curates our library, ensuring each title meets high standards. Yet, we understand the diverse needs of school districts and work closely to align with your specific requirements.

Empowering Educators

Literal provides tools for teachers and librarians to review and restrict access to specific titles, ensuring students engage with content that's deemed appropriate.

Live Chat Support

Flag any content concerns with our immediate support specialists. Our live chat feature ensures you have the assistance you need to maintain content appropriateness.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Content Wedding

Can I restrict access to specific genres or authors?

Yes, Literal allows educators to restrict access based on genres, authors, or specific titles to ensure alignment with district standards.

How does Literal handle content that might be controversial?

We work closely with districts during onboarding to understand their specific needs and concerns. Our live chat support is also available to address any immediate content concerns.

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Prioritizing Content Appropriateness with Literal

Navigate the vast world of literature with confidence. Literal's content weeding ensures your students engage with content that resonates with your community's values.