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Navigate through your favorite titles with ease using Literal's In-Book Search. Instantly locate specific elements, quotes, or references within the book, enhancing your reading experience.

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Speed & Accuracy

Literal's robust search functionality ensures quick and precise results, making it a breeze to find exactly what you're looking for in a book.

A Teacher's Best Friend

Educators can swiftly get students on the same page or highlight specific sections, ensuring a seamless classroom reading session.

Benefits of In-Book Search

Enhance Comprehension

Students can easily refer back to previous sections, reinforcing understanding and aiding in recall.

Efficient Quizzing

Quickly locate answers to quiz questions, ensuring students can validate their responses with direct references.

Relive Memorable Moments

Revisit your favorite quotes or moments in the book with just a few clicks, making it a feature you'll wish you had in traditional paper books.