Chat-Fiction Format

Literal's innovative Chat-Fiction format revolutionizes reading by merging the engagement of social media with the depth of literature, ensuring students are as captivated by books as they are by their phones.

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Engaging the Digital Generation

By leveraging components of social media, our Chat-Fiction format triggers dopamine responses, ensuring students remain engrossed and invested in their reading.

Authentic Content, Modern Presentation

While the format is contemporary, the content remains 100% original and unabridged, ensuring students get the full literary experience.

Enhanced Scaffolding

The Chat-Fiction format incorporates scaffolds like text chunking, color coding, and assigned speakers, making reading more accessible and engaging.

Proven Engagement

Studies show students spend 78% more time reading in our Chat-Fiction format compared to an average session on social media, highlighting its effectiveness.

Educators & Students on Literal's Chat-Fiction Format

"I used to struggle to get my students to read. With Literal's Chat-Fiction, they're not just reading; they're discussing, engaging, and truly understanding the content."

Raj K.

High School English Teacher

Benefits of the Chat-Fiction Format

Bite-Sized Text

The format breaks text into manageable chunks, making commenting, listening, searching, and understanding easier.

Autoplay Engagement

Experience the thrill of watching characters type and chat in real-time, akin to a dynamic group chat on popular messaging platforms.

Group Chat Experience

Visualize all characters and the narrator in a group chat, reminiscent of threads on Facebook Messenger or Snapchat, making reading relatable.

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FAQ about Chat-Fiction Format

Is the content abridged or edited in the Chat-Fiction format?

No, the content remains 100% original and unabridged.

Can I read the book in a standard e-reader format?

Yes, you can opt to turn off the Chat-Fiction scaffold partially or completely to suit your reading preference.

How many titles are available in this format?

All our titles, except for comics provided by our partner Comics, are available in this format. Comics are best viewed in our custom image viewer.