Dive into literature without language barriers. With Literal, seamlessly translate words or entire paragraphs into over 160 languages, ensuring every student can access and understand the text.

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Empowering Diverse Classrooms

Literal's advanced translation feature, powered by top-tier AI, ensures that English Language Learners (ELL) and students from diverse linguistic backgrounds can fully engage with the content.

Contextual & Accurate Translations

Our AI-driven translations consider contextual cues, ensuring meaningful and precise translations that resonate with the narrative's essence.

Intuitive & User-Friendly

With just a few clicks, students can translate words or paragraphs, receive definitions, and even access pronunciation guides, making language comprehension effortless.

Tailored Language Preferences

Literal remembers each student's language preference, streamlining the translation process and enhancing the reading experience.

Benefits of Translations on Literal

Inclusive Learning

Cater to a diverse student body, ensuring everyone, regardless of their linguistic background, can access and understand the content.

Boost Language Acquisition

Literal's suite of tools, including translations, is perfect for aiding language acquisition, making it ideal for ELL students.

Enhance Comprehension

With translations, definitions, and pronunciations at their fingertips, students can delve deeper into texts, ensuring thorough comprehension.