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Dive into Literal's expansive digital library, offering a plethora of classic titles tailored for secondary students, ensuring they engage with content that resonates and aligns with state standards.

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From Shakespeare to Austen, our collection boasts thousands of curriculum-aligned titles, available in both standard ebook and our unique chat fiction format.

Independent & Assigned Reading

Whether it's self-driven exploration or curriculum-based assignments, our classics cater to both, ensuring students remain engaged while meeting academic benchmarks.

Curriculum Alignment

Struggling to find content that aligns with state standards? Literal's classics are meticulously curated, making it effortless for teachers to match students with relevant reading material.


Frequently Asked Questions about Unlimited Classic Titles

Are the classics modified or are they in their original form?

Every title on Literal is 100% original and unabridged. Only the format has changed. and In most cases we've given each title a modernized cover and character identification to appeal to today's students.

How do I know which titles align with my state's standards?

Our platform allows you to filter and find sections that correspond with the specific state standards you're teaching.

Teaching with Classic Titles

Hero's Journey

Showcase the quintessential hero's journey using classics, ensuring students grasp this pivotal literary concept.

Character Development

Dive deep into chapters that exemplify character growth, aiding students in understanding this crucial narrative element.

Setting & Place

Explore the nuances of setting in classics, helping students appreciate its role in shaping a story's ambiance and direction.

Cause and Effect

Illuminate the intricate web of cause and effect in classic narratives, enabling students to discern how actions and events influence subsequent outcomes.